Monday, April 24, 2017

Poetry Month

We have had a great time celebrating National Poetry Month with a variety of activities.  We first listened to the YouTube version of The Giving Tree spoken by Shel Silverstein.  I know it's not officially a poem but it's one of my favorite stories.

Next students were given the option to recite a poem or add an original poem using flipgrid. Students who didn't feel comfortable on the camera were given the option to participate in Post-it Poetry.

The white boards that we installed at the
end of each book case was the perfect spot
to display our Post-it Poetry.

This written option gave students who 
preferred not to be in the video an option
to participate during our Poetry Month festivities.

The library was a bustling hug of activities during our monthly celebrations.  Some students preferred to record on flipgrid as a group while others recorded individual poetry. Adding the option of Post-it Poetry allowed everyone to participate.

How could we forget one of my favorite days?  Poem in Your Pocket day has been a celebration in 4 of my libraries and it's just a cool day with everyone sharing a poetry throughout the day. We smashed Poem in Your Pocket Day with Super Hero Day and wrote poems about our super heroes.

Our celebrations my seem simple but that is the beauty of a month long recognition to poetry. 

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